Urban Tails provides boarding in our home on a first come first serve basis due to limited space. If you have a puppy or dog that requires frequent potty breaks or has separation anxiety/destructive behavior, then boarding at Urban Tails is a great alternative to pet sitting visits in your home. Boarding in our home is also great for those dogs that simply love to be pampered all day long or "demand" constant companionship. Your dog will receive one-on-one attention and have more time and room to run and play than in a traditional kennel setting. Pets stay in our home and are never left outside alone. We do not charge extra for administering medication, additional playtime, treats, etc. Please see our amenities and requirements listed below.

Amenities & Requirements

A fenced acre of grassy play area with plenty of shade trees.
Access to play pools or our personal pool (weather permitting).
Several play and exercise breaks throughout the day.
Individual care and attention.
Administer medication (including injections), and vitamins or supplements.
A written Daily Report of your pets activities.
Freedom to mingle/play with our dogs if everyone gets along. We also have a separate area for your dog(s) if you prefer.
Beds, toys, food and water bowls are provided, but we encourage you to bring your dog's own bedding and/or favorite toys if they would be more comfortable with their own items.

We require that you bring enough of your dog's food for their entire stay as a sudden change in diet can cause stomach upset.
Current vet recommended vaccinations within 3 years.
Current Rabies vaccination within 3 years (adult dogs), 1 year (puppies).
Flea and tick treatment is recommended from Spring through Fall. We can administer this at a charge of $10 per dog if you wish.
We do not require Bordatella vaccine, but you may wish to have your dog vaccinated for this. However, it should not be given within 10 days of boarding.